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Excellerations® Emotions & Moods Posters - Set of 25

Item # EMPC
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Product Overview

Expand vocabulary as you talk about emotions.
  • SET INCLUDES: 25 posters in storage pouch.
  • SIZE: Posters measure 16 inches L x 12 inches H.
  • QUALITY: Sturdy poster board is full-color printed and features a double-lamination for long term use.
  • DESIGN: Real photography posters are designed to expand children's vocabulary and they talk about their emotions and feelings.Posters can be hung around classroom as center decor. This product targets a variety of interests. Supports social emotional, self- esteem and social awareness education
  • SEL: Supports social emotional development and social emotional learning.
  • CALM-DOWN TOOLS: Use this in conjunction with other calm-down tools to create a place of peace in your classroom.
PreK-K Core Standards
  • SOC (K) Understands concepts such as: growth, change, learning, self, family, group.
  • SOC (P) Begin to understand personal development and the characteristics we share with others

K-3 Core Standards
  • SOC (K) Understands that people belong to groups and institutions that influence them.
  • SOC (2) Understands that individuals, groups, and institutions share common elements and also have unique characteristics.
  • SOC (3) Understands individual choices are influenced by personal and social factors.
  • SOC (1) Understands concepts such as: community, culture, role, competition, cooperation, rules, and norms.
  • SOC (2) Understands physical, intellectual, and emotional growth affect individual identity, growth, and interactions with others.
  • SOC (3) Understands the impact of families, schools, religious institutions, government agencies, financial institutions, and civic groups on their lives.