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Excellerations® Giant Mystery Ball Maze - 201 Pieces

From $110.87

Product Overview

Explore the concept of probability through hands-on experience! Drop all 6 balls at one time through tube and take note of where each ball exits the maze. Encourage children to explain what they see.
  • STEM OBJECTIVES: This helps kids with observing and measuring motion, planning and investigating the effects of forces on an object.
  • ENDLESS FUN: Pieces fit together in endless configurations.
  • MULTI-USE: Great for cooperative play in groups, cause and effect, estimating, and visual tracking.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Children can learn about balance and spatial relationships.
  • INCLUDES: 160 Connector Pegs, 6 Balls, 10 Straight Tubes, 4 Curved Tubes, and 21 Y Tubes.
K-3 Core Standards
  • 3-PS2-2. Make observations and/or measurements of an object's motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.
  • 3-PS2-1. Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence of the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object.
  • K-2-ETS1-2. Develop a simple sketch, drawing, or physical model to illustrate how the shape of an object helps it function as needed to solve a given problem.