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1 to 10 Counting Cans

Item # CCANS
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Product Overview

It's okay to play with your food!
  • Each can has a realistic fruit or vegetable label, along with a number 1-10
  • Inside each is a matching number of plastic fruits or vegetables
  • Teaches counting, number recognition, number sense and sorting
  • Reinforces vocabulary and fine motor skills
  • Supports early learners with clearly labeled cans featuring a numeral, word and picture
  • Includes 55 colorful plastic fruits and vegetables sorted into their matching containers
  • Durable, lightweight cardboard cans with lids can be stacked or stored in their box
  • Activity guide included
  • Cans are 4-1/4"H x 3"Dia.
PreK-K Core Standards
  • K.CC.B.4. Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality.
  • MAT (P) With support, begin to understand the number '10' contains 1 set of ten and 0 ones.