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Animal X-Rays - Set of 13

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Product Overview

Ages 3+ / Grades PreK-3
Real x-rays printed on transparent, heavy-duty plastic - perfect for use on light tables!
  • Includes x-rays of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians
  • Sizes range from 3 1/2" x 6 3/4" up to 8" x 10"
  • Includes idea guide
The animals included are:
  • Common Marmoset
  • Pumpkinseed Sunfish
  • Rabbit
  • Frontosa Cichlid (fish)
  • Baby Kangaroo
  • Green Tree Python
  • Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
  • Box Turtle
  • Infant Green Iguana
  • Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Dwarf Crocodile Eggs
  • Turkey Vulture
  • Veiled Chameleon
  • Leaf Frog
PreK-K Core Standards
  • SCI (P) Observe, collect, describe and record information about plants and animals.

K-3 Core Standards
  • K-ESS3-1. Use a model to represent the relationship between the needs of different plants or animals (including humans) and the places they live.
  • 1-LS3-1. Make observations to construct an evidence-based account that young plants and animals are like, but not exactly like, their parents.
  • 3-LS1-1. Develop models to describe that organisms have unique and diverse life cycles but all have in common birth, growth, reproduction, and death.
  • 2-LS2-2. Develop a simple model that mimics the function of an animal in dispersing seeds or pollinating plants.
  • 3-LS2-1. Construct an argument that some animals form groups that help members survive.
  • 3-LS3-1. Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence that plants and animals have traits inherited from parents and that variation of these traits exists in a group of similar organisms.


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Ages 3+ / Grades PreK-3
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