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Excellerations® Organ Apron

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Product Overview

What's inside me? This fabric apron features the outlines of 8 major internal organs. The matching plush organs attach to the apron using hook and loop.
  • Children learn about the inside of their body while placing the organs on the correct location
  • Organs are labeled in English and Spanish
  • Organ placement is outlined for ease of understanding
  • Bilingual activity guide included
Included Pieces:
*Apron: 14-1/2"W x 22"L
*Esophagus: 1"W x 10-1/2"L
*Trachea: 1"W x 7-1/2"L
*Lungs: 3-5/8"W x 6-3/8"L
*Heart: 4-1/2"W x 3-1/2"L
*Liver: 6-3/8"W x 3-1/4"L
*Stomach: 5"W x 3-3/4"L
*Small Intestine: 6-5/8"W x 2-1/2"L
*Large Intestine: 9-1/2"W x 5"L

Children are generally fascinated by what is inside the human body. Even though they do not understand the inner workings of the body, most young children are interested in how their little body functions. The Inside My Body Apron has been designed to help children gain a basic understanding of some of the most important organs in the body.

PreK-K Core Standards
  • K-LS1-1. Use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive.
  • SCI (P) Recognize body parts and know their location (e.g., arm, eyes, etc.).

K-3 Core Standards
  • 1-LS1-1. Use materials to design a solution to a human problem by mimicking how plants and/or animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs.*
  • 3-LS1-1. Develop models to describe that organisms have unique and diverse life cycles but all have in common birth, growth, reproduction, and death.
  • 3-LS3-1. Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence that plants and animals have traits inherited from parents and that variation of these traits exists in a group of similar organisms.