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Magic Sand - Blue

Steve Spangler Science
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Product Overview

Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
� It�s a hydrophobic polymer! Yes, sand that never gets wet!
� Build underwater sand castles
� Explore the differences between Magic Sand with regular sand

<bold>Magic Sand May Look Like Ordinary Sand�</bold>

<bold>but just try to get it wet!</bold>

Magic Sand begins as normal looking sand, until it�s dyed and coated with a substance that repels water. This coating keeps the sand dry even after it has been dumped into a container of water. Build castles and other structures under the water, then simply pour the water off when you�re finished and the sand is still dry! You can use it for fun science experiments again and again! Colors vary.

<bold>How does it work?</bold>

Ordinary sand is free flowing and cannot form a structure that holds its shape. Because of its water-repellent properties, when Magic Sand is poured into water, it holds its shape and can even be molded into structures under water.

<bold>What does it teach?</bold>

Learn about the properties of water molecules and how hydrophobic products work. Students can experiment with Magic Sand and then ordinary sand and note the differences in water-repellent properties.

<bold>The Possibilities are Endless!</bold>

Steve Spangler�s Magic Sand is a hydrophobic polymer; sand that never gets wet! It can be used to build underwater sandcastles! Also, Magic Sand is a reusable science toy! When finished, simply pour the water off and let the sand dry! You can use it for science experiments again and again!

<bold>Uncover the Secret Behind What Makes This Sand Magic</bold>

Includes step-by-step instructions for 5 activities! Activities include: Magic Sand; Magic Sand in Oil; Regular Sand vs. Magic Sand; Not So �Magic� Sand; and Do Try This at Home.

<bold>Learn About Water Molecule Properties!</bold>

Discover the differences between Steve Spangler�s Magic Sand and ordinary sand for a fun science experiment or lesson!


Brand Name
Steve Spangler Science
Age / Grade
Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
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Steve Spangler Science