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Oobleck In The Classroom Activity Cards - 9 activity cards

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Get Kids Exploring Every Subject With Hands-On Oobleck Activities
Oobleck is a lot like quicksand...only way more colorful. It's both a liquid and a solid! Use it with these cross-curricular activity cards and it becomes a highly educational teaching tool.*Something For Every Subject! The nine double-sided cards have activities that cross the curriculum, including: debates (Is Oobleck a solid or a liquid?), writing prompts (How would you describe Oobleck to your friends?), science experiments (observe whether things sink or float in Oobleck), team-building activities (pass a ball of Oobleck around the circle without dropping it), and more!*It's Hands-On and mdash;Literally! It doesn't get more hands-on than Oobleck! Students can literally stick their fingers in it, pour it, and play with it as they learn by trying these fun activities.*9 Double-Sided, Full-Color Cards: Packed with engaging content, these cards offer opportunities for every type of learner...especially kinesthetic.*Use The Cards With Oobleck In 6 Bright Colors: Pair the cards with a classroom set of Oobleck in all six colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white (sold separately). Or choose just the colors you want.*It's A Solid...No, It's A Liquid! Just like quicksand, Oobleck has qualities of both a solid and a liquid. Our special formula even glows under black light! It will fascinate your young scientists.*Laminated On Both Sides For Durability: These cards are nice and big, have clear, simple instructions, and are laminated so they stand up to whatever kids can dish out.Nothing makes learning hands-on like Oobleck! Colorful activity cards offer creative ways to use it in every subject.
9 double-sided * laminated * full-color activity cards * Size: 8½" by 11" each

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