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Steve Spangler Science Water Gel

Steve Spangler Science
From $10.48

Product Overview

Water Gel turns from a powder to a gel in just seconds. Discover the secret powder used in diapers!
  • HOW IT WORKS: When you add water to this superabsorbent polymer, it instantly turns from a liquid to a slushy solid.
  • TEACHING TOOL: Water Gel is the perfect way to demonstrate how polymers work. The gel is a superabsorbent polymer that can help illustrate how farmers can save their crops in times of drought and what kind of material is in a baby diaper!
  • REUSABLE: After you are done with your experiments, you can reuse the Water Gel! Just spread the polymer into a thin sheet to let the water evaporate and in about 2 weeks the gel will be back to its original powder form.
  • INCLUDES: 100g of Super Absorbent Polymer Powder, (1) measuring scoop & an Activity Guide.