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Ready To Decorate This Year Flew By Kite Posters - 24 kite posters

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Let Your Kids Write Down Memories From Their Year On These Kites And Put Them Up For All To See!Let your kids pour out their memories and accomplishments from the year onto these Ready-To-Decorate kites. Its a great way to encourage them to reflect on their school year. Put the kites up on a bulletin board, and then let the kids take them home as keepsakes!*Display Kids Memories: Let your kids thoughts soar as they pour out their memories and accomplishments from the past year onto these Ready-To-Decorate kites.*Great Reflecting Tool: Thinking about the past year in such an engaging format encourcreative flow. You may be surprised at what your students find most memorable!*Create A Gorgeous Bulletin Board: Put the kites up on a bulletin board so everyone can read what their classmates wrote. And then let kids take them home for keepsakes!Stimulate your kids reflections on the past year as they pour their thoughts and memories out onto these kites, and then decorate them!24 Ready-To-Decorate kites * Size: 10" x 27" each * assembled
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