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Standing Workstation With Teacher Kore Chair And Single-Color Baskets - 1 station, 1 chair, 5 baskets

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Work While Standing Or Sitting At This Mobile Station With Innovative Stool And Baskets In A Choice Of 17 Colors<img src="https://dkc1jod44tx5p.cloudfront.net/media/other/brandlogos/colorclass.jpg" width="130" style="float:right;padding-left:10px;margin-top:-10px;"/>Avoid sitting or standing for long periods with this one-of-a-kind workstation and specially designed stool. We improved on our popular original station, making it larger and even sturdier, and added special features like a hidden compartment for computer cords. We also offer more great basket colors and mdash;17 in all! And the station now comes with an innovative Kore Chair designed for active sitting. It moves with you and lets you stand, sit, or lean at the station, strengthening your core and legs and improving posture while you sit. Adjust it to the height that's just right for you. Adult assembly required for the station.*New And Improved: This standing station is larger and even sturdier than before, with a deeper drawer for extra storage and a compartment to hide computer cords.*Large, Durable Work Surface: Made of tough wood substrate laminated with hard-wearing melamine, the spacious work surface is situated at just the right height for standing and tending to administrative tasks.*Plenty Of Storage Space: The station has five cubbies with baskets for storing and organizing papers and supplies, and a 14" deep drawer for extra storage.*Easily Move The Station Where You Need It: With two wheels on one side, you can easily lift one end of the station and roll it anywhere in the classroom.*Baskets In A Choice Of 17 Great Colors: With so many choices, you can personalize the station with the color that reflects your taste and personality.*Stool Designed For Health, Safety, Comfort, And Durability: The unique Kore Chair safely and comfortably moves with you, strengthening the body's core and legs and improving posture. The seat is covered with easy-to-clean, leather-like upholstery, and the stable base features a skid- and scratch-resistant rubberized coating.*Sit, Lean, Or Stand With This Adjustable Seat: Made for sitting or leaning against, the seat can be adjusted from a height of 21½" to 32".Teach or work anywhere with this mobile standing station and unique chair designed with your health and safety in mind.
1 black metal workstation with drawer * 5 compartments * 2 stationary feet * and 2 wheels * Overall size: 33"W by 22"D by 36"H * Drawer size: 10¾"W by 14"D by 5"H * 3 plastic baskets for paper/folders * Size: 10"W by 14¼"D by 3¼"H each * 2 plastic supply baskets * Size: 8"W by 11"D by 4½"H each * Basket colors: royal red * red * orange * yellow * green neon * royal green * green * water * blue neon * royal blue * blue * royal purple * purple * pink neon * white * pebble * or black * 1 Standing Desk Kore Chair * Size: 14" diameter base; adjusts from 21½" to 32"H * Color: black

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