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Square Puzzle - Discount School Supply
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Early Math & Logic Square Puzzle
Your Price: $17.24
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This colorful square puzzle teaches shapes while improving hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and cognitive development. Stack square pieces on top of one another to fit the shape below Each piece has a matching piece that fits above and below Measures 5"L x 5"W x 3"H
Excellerations® Wooden Attribute Puzzle Collection - Set of 5
Your Price: $74.98
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Explore spatial relations and learning through attributes These wooden, chunky puzzles feature an array of shapes, gradient colors, widths and heights Put together the wooden pieces inside or outside the specially designed wooden trays 5 puzzles Green Triangle Puzzle: 9 pieces Puzzle tray measures 9"L Pieces measure 2-3/4"L Yellow Square Puzzle: 12 pieces Puzzle tray measures 9"Sq. Blue Triangle (Height) Puzzle: 7 pieces Puzzle tray measures 12"L x 9"W Red Rectangle (Width) Puzzle: 7 pieces ...
Size and Shape Puzzles - Set of 6
Your Price: $25.85
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Our new, exclusive puzzles teach children size, shape and color recognition. Each puzzle features one of the following shapes in 5 different sizes: diamond, square, oval, triangle, circle and square. Each wooden puzzle measures 4"L x 12 1/2"W. PreK-K Core Standards MAT (P) Begin to correctly name shapes.
Early Math & Logic Tower Puzzles 6
Your Price: $27.99
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Build colorful towers while learning about different shapes! Match the cavity of each square to the correct shape to stack on the correct tower Includes 6 separate towers with different shapes and a wooden base Measures 11-1/4"L x 8"W x 3-1/4"H Set includes: Early Math & Logic Puzzles - Set of 3 With these colorful stacking puzzles, children develop motor skills, problem solving and critical thinking while learning shapes and colors! Early Math & Logic ...

Parts of a Triangle Math Puzzle
Your Price: $10.14
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Now it's easy to teach parts of a whole! These colorful wooden puzzles each feature a whole shape and shapes divided into equal parts. Ideal for improving logical thinking, problem-solving, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination Triangle puzzle features whole, halves and thirds 9"Sq. x 1/4" thick

Excellerations® Wooden Shape Puzzles - Set of 10
Your Price: $24.17
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Thick, chunky solid wood shapes fit into corresponding trays to build shape recognition skills. Great for building spatial relations understanding Shape name is printed on each tray Use shapes separately as stencils or for other advanced recognition skills Pieces are varnished for durability Shapes included: circle, ellipse, hexagon, kite, pentagon, rectangle, rhombus, square, star and triangle 4"Sq. PreK-K Core Standards K.G.A.2. Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or ...