Start the in-person school year strong with back-to-school supplies, daycare organization and social emotional learning (SEL) activities from Discount School Supply. When the kids return from virtual learning, there’s sure to be lots of energy and excitement in the room, along with some nerves or anxiety. Learning how to readjust to being physically in class is built on the main aspects of social emotional learning: emotions, behavior, mindfulness and character development.

Turn to our newest SEL products to make sure your students are prepared to navigate their emotions and remain mindful as in-person school starts again. Help everyone settle in with a great back-to-school setup that includes an organized, engaging atmosphere for all ages. Browse through the full selection of supplies for returning to the classroom and other back-to-school products to make sure both you and your students are physically and mentally prepared.

Engaging Activities for School and Daycare Center Reopenings

There are so many things to cover on the first day back from virtual learning that it can be difficult to figure out which activities to do with your students. Empathy and social skills will be essential as we return to our normal routines, and children need that especially. Choose items from our social-emotional learning category for a great selection of fun games and lessons to help accomplish this while students get to know their fellow classmates and their new teacher. We also offer a great selection of classroom furniture and organizational or storage products, all of which can be used as summer bridge activities for all ages or to help you introduce students to their new room and give them tasks to encourage personal responsibility throughout the year.

Classroom Organization for Returning to School

Our organization supplies and decorations can help you create a space that encourages learning and fun as students return to the classroom. Choose from our selection of classroom wall calendars, take-home schoolwork folders and themed bulletin board decorations to organize and personalize your space. Find posters and charts for every grade level that help to educate on specific topics or clarify classroom expectations. When you’re getting ready to go back to school, Discount School Supply has everything you need to make sure you have a great plan in place for your students and are capable of navigating the new and changing needs of today’s classroom.