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infant & toddler

encourage cognitive skills and healthy imaginations

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encourage discovery and cognitive development explore our earlySTEM™



Family Style Dining
books: Delve into different worlds with the power of reading to inspire the imagination. We offer a wide variety of books, to educate and entertain your youngest learners.

changing tables: Make cleanup as fast and easy as possible. We have changing tables for infants and toddlers, table accessories, diapers, portable sinks, and overhead storage shelves.

classroom bundles: Fulfill all the needs of your pre-school classroom in these themed bundles. Designed for little ones to play in comfort while learning to interact with the world around them.

cognitive development: Discover a wide variety of entertaining and educational toys for your youngest learners, such as blocks, puzzles, manipulatives, and soft products.

cribs: We have a wide variety of cribs, linens, and crib accessories for your infant or toddler. Keep them cozy, warm, and safe while they get much deserved rest.

feeding: Make the family dining experience a memorable one for your little one. Find bibs, plates, cups, and utensil sets especially made for small hands and big appetites.
fine motor: In this section discover items that encourage children to engage in active play using their hands and wrists to promote muscle development needed for fine motor skills.

gross motor & discovery: This category contains a large selection of riders, play spaces, as well as entertaining and educational toys that will help early movement and encourage active play.

infant furniture: Durable yet comfortable furnishings for your infant or toddler. We have classroom supplies and furnishings such as colorful play mats, gates, storage shelves, and social seating.

pretend play: This category contains pretend play items. Children discover and learn by imagining and doing. Our dramatic play items will nurture their social, language and thinking skills.

soft furnishings: Soft furnishings from Discount School Supply provide a safe and comfy environment for toddlers and infants. We offer tunnels and climbers, mats, seating, and more.

strollers, buggies: Strollers for twins, buggies for one, or travel for the whole class. Transport multiple children in safety and comfort with our selection of buggies and strollers.