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Infant & Toddler Educational Toys

It’s never too early to get started on education and development. The Infants & Toddlers Collection at Discount School Supply starts your little ones off on the right foot. Our infant learning toys and daily care supplies are aimed for children ages five and under. These are important years to lay a child’s cognitive and social foundation. By providing the right toys, children can start to build this foundation while still experiencing the innocent joy of being a kid.

Whether you're in a daycare setting, an early childhood classroom or at home, learning begins with the colorful and educational selections in our collection. Discount School Supply has learning toys for toddlers, newborns and preschoolers. You can purchase individual items or get an educational toys kit that creates a complete care center.

Cognitive Development & Fine Motor Skills

Help babies and toddlers recognize colors, learn to sort and develop fine motor skills with our collection of innovative, age-appropriate toys and games. Find brands you love in our collection like Excellerations®, Melissa & Doug®, earlySTEM™ and more. From stacking toys and blocks to musical instruments to push/pull toys, our collection gets early education right. Early educators can get preschool curriculum packages that let kids explore and progress at their own pace.

Discovery & Gross Motor Skills

Encourage a healthy sense of self and body awareness with riding toys, safety mirrors, sensory activities and more from our collection. Find options that help kids learn to crawl, stand, walk, pedal, dance and otherwise experience the world around them in a physical way. Also find kid-sized helmets, multicultural costumes, yoga supplies and more. Help youngsters experience even more of the world with outdoor daycare toys to spur a lifelong love of nature.

Let's Pretend We're Big!

Build self-esteem, abstract thinking and social skills with pretend play selections that help kids learn about themselves and others. Find a wide assortment of dress-up costumes, dolls, animal shapes, play food, cars and trucks, musical CDs and more to spark growing imaginations.

Kits & Bundles for Those Bundles of Joy

Shop kits and bundles from our collection that make it easy to create lessons on language, sorting, music, science and more. Find kits for indoor and outdoor learning whether you're working with a daycare program or homeschooling your toddler. Also find organizational tools that help keep coats, toys and personal belongings tidy.

Furniture & Feeding Time

Sometimes, instead of daycare toys, you need the right supplies for the day-to-day tasks of raising a toddler. Make daily care easy and comfortable with our collection of high chairs, bibs, changing tables, cups, bottle warmers and more. In our collection of furniture daycare supplies, you’ll find infant-appropriate floor play sets made of thick, snuggly foam, adult-sized rockers and gliders for feeding or story time, as well as storage solutions, toddler-safe food implements and more. When young kids or your back need a break, get high-quality strollers to transport them safely.

Discounted School Supplies for All Ages

Shop at Discount School Supply for great prices and selection on tools, toys and other teacher supplies. From newborns to teens, we support lifelong learning with products that engage, entertain and educate at every age. These learning toys for toddlers and daily care supplies offer lasting quality — and our catalog lets anyone Buy Where Teachers Buy®. We also offer free resources and a community of teachers who share their insight and experience with other classroom teachers, homeschoolers and parents.

Books: Delve into different worlds with the power of reading to inspire the imagination. We offer a wide variety of books to educate and entertain your youngest learners.

Changing tables: Make cleanup as fast and easy as possible. We have changing tables for infants and toddlers, table accessories, diapers, portable sinks and overhead storage shelves.

Classroom bundles: Fulfill all the needs of your preschool classroom in these themed bundles. They’re designed for little ones to play in comfort while learning to interact with the world around them.

Cognitive development:Discover a wide variety of entertaining and educational toys for your youngest learners, such as blocks, puzzles, manipulatives and soft products.

Cribs:We have a wide variety of cribs, linens and crib accessories for your infant or toddler. Keep them cozy, warm and safe while they get much-deserved rest.

Feeding: Make the family dining experience a memorable one for your little one. Find bibs, plates, cups and utensil sets specially made for small hands and big appetites.

Fine motor: In this section, discover items that encourage children to engage in active play using their hands and wrists to promote muscle development needed for fine motor skills.

Gross motor & discovery: This category contains a large selection of riders and play spaces as well as entertaining and educational toys that will help early movement and encourage active play.

Infant furniture: Find durable yet comfortable furnishings for your infant or toddler. We have classroom supplies and furnishings such as colorful play mats, gates, storage shelves and social seating.

Pretend play: This category contains pretend play items. Children discover and learn by imagining and doing. Our dramatic play items will nurture their social, language and thinking skills.

Soft furnishings: Soft furnishings from Discount School Supply provide a safe and comfy environment for toddlers and infants. We offer tunnels and climbers, mats, seating and more.

Strollers & buggies: Get strollers for twins, buggies for one or travel for the whole class. Transport multiple children in safety and comfort with our selection of buggies and strollers.