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sensory toys

Sensory Toys
1-24 of 103 items
Weighted Plush Dog
Roylco® Interactive Edgar an Emotion Puppet Kit
Bright Mini Puzzle Cubes - 12 Pack
Weighted Blue Lizard
Weighted Plush Elephant - 4lbs
Gel Bead Sensory Shapes-Set of 6
Silly Putty Party Pack - Set of 5
Sensory Disc 5-Pack
Small Parts
Crayola® Portable Squishy Balls
Colorful Intertwined Balls - 12 Pack
Stretchy Strings - 2 Pack
Small Parts
Spiky Sensory Toys - Set of 4
Magic Genie Moving Sand - 24 Pack
Paw Print Stress Toys - 12 Pack
Reflect, Recharge and Refocus Star Massager - 1 massager
Perception Cubes
Exciting Sensory Kit - Set of 5
Contains Small Ball
Jacob’s Ladders - 12 Pack
Roylco® Create and Play Sensory Beads
Stringy & Stretchy Noodle Set
Crayola® Globbles - 6 ct.
Small Parts
Mondo Sensory Deluxe Kit
Small Parts | Contains Small Ball
Mondo Starter Kit - Set of 4
Contains Small Ball
Super Painted Tip Inside-Out Ball