When you shop by age or grade level for educational supplies at Discount School Supply, you can focus on recommended classroom and school-at-home learning tools appropriate for your child’s academic success. We have equipment, toys and learning materials for inside use and for learning in healthy outdoors spaces.

Each child is wonderfully unique, so please adjust for differing learning abilities and skill levels when you shop our recommended kids’ learning supplies by age and grade. Our research-based collection of children’s education supplies by age range from learning tools for newborn to 6 months old age groups to learning supplies designed for eighth-graders.

Early Learning for Babies and Toddlers

Babies learn from birth to recognize sounds and other senses. Foundational learning that begins in the first months of a child’s life can measurably improve later school success. We have learning supplies for home or daycare settings in newborn to 6-month-old categories and for infants ages 6 months to 18 months old. Find tested, trusted toys for curious 2-year-old and 3-year-old toddlers.

We have color-sorting activity sets and baby-safe building blocks for learning that will help your infant begin developing fine motor skills. Toddlers as young as 2 years old can become little scientists when they experiment with our learning-in-nature toddlers' outside mud kitchen sets. They’re perfect for studying leaves, mud, insects and other outside finds. Getting messy with mud adds to the fun.

PreK-Kindergarten Classroom Learning Supplies

What your child learns at ages 3 and 4 will help him more easily transition to kindergarten. We have PreK classroom supplies for kids and PreK teach-at-home toys and activity sets. These PreK learning supplies can help daycare kids bridge holiday and summer learning losses that happen during days or weeks when centers are closed.

Let PreK kids get creative with inexpensive crayons, markers and glue for toddlers as they develop cognitive and problem-solving skills with age-appropriate classroom or home art projects. Find dozens of PreK and kindergarten-level educational supplies that you can order in bulk for classroom use.

Grade School Education Supplies

Keep children on track to learning success while transitioning from grade to grade when you shop by age and grade level for growing children’s learning supplies for school and home learning spaces. We have learning collections for first grade (6-year-olds), second grade (7-year-olds), third grade (8-year-olds) and fourth grade for children who are 9 years old.

First-graders and second-graders can become enthusiastic learners when they are introduced to our colorful books, educational games and puzzles. We have science-learning kits for early grade levels that will help children master foundational science and math. We have fun outside and inside learning equipment that combines learning with healthy exercise for healthier, happier grade-school experiences.

Help children master fifth-grade skills with our shop-by-age learning supplies for 10-year-old kids. We have sixth-grade (11-year-olds) and seventh-grade (12-year-olds) school and home-learning supplies that address science, art, math and other topics. Find popular learning supplies for eighth-graders. Also shop by brand and price at Discount School Supply.com.