It’s no secret that teachers often pay out-of-pocket for essential classroom and school supplies. With Wishing Well™, teachers, daycare providers, and educators can create a teacher wish list for needed classroom and daycare materials. Using our program, educators and daycare providers can create a classroom wish list and share it with parents or others who want to contribute. Then, recipients can contribute funds that go toward the purchase of teacher wish list items. Wishing Well is quick, easy, and beneficial not only to support school and daycare programs but to communities as well.

In contributing to a classroom wish list on Wishing Well, parents and other contributors can ensure that teachers, daycare providers, and children in their community are receiving needed supplies in order to get the best education possible. This is especially important for those working in early education, where the developmental needs of children are crucial.

Wishing Well is also a great way to show appreciation and support for teachers or daycare programs. Instead of struggling to find an appropriate gift, parents can contribute to a daycare or classroom wish list. It’s easy, and by supporting those working in early education, parents are in turn directly supporting their child’s program.