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Donuts Ready-To-Decorate® Valentine Holder - 12 boxes

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Use These Sturdy Boxes In A Cute Donut Theme To Collect Student Valentines!
Let kids collect their valentines in these sturdy and fun donut-themed boxes! The valentines will make it home safer than in bags that can rip. The holder is shaped like a donut hole box and appeals to both boys and girls. Students can decorate it any way they please!*Sturdy Valentine Storage: These 12 sturdy boxes decorated with a cute donut theme make a safe place for kids to store their valentines. The cards will make it home safer than in individual bags that can rip!*Kids Color The Box: Your kids can color, draw, or write on the donutthemed box, which is Ready-To-Decorate®!*Ties In With Donut Theme: The fun holder is shaped like a donut hole box and makes for great valentine storage. It ties in to other donutthemed items.Collect valentines in these sturdy, fun, donut-themed boxes kids will have fun decorating.
12 valentine boxes * Size: 8"W by 3"D by 8¼"H each


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Really Good Stuff®
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