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18" Hokki Stool - Blue

Item # HK18BL
Hokki Stools
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The Hokki is an ergonomic stool that transforms stationary sitting into an activity, ideal for brainstorming sessions, reading circles, computer work, and other active sitting environments. The wobble motion and support for the spine and posture make for superior focus, natural breathing, and improved mental agility. This unique stool is perfect for use in classrooms, daycares, libraries, and at home. This stool has a seat of height of 18 inches and comes in blue.

  • KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED: The convex base allows for movement in all directions, keeping children's physical and intellectual processes motivated. With this active seating, kids are able to release restless energy, making it easier for them to be more focused and engaged, without disturbing the class. Perfect for both kids and adults, including those who may have attention difficulty, who are restless or fidgety, or who have special needs
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed with an ergonomically-curved seat shell, the Hokki stool ensures correct spinal alignment and balance that prevents cramped and stilted
  • posture while sitting. The backless design helps strengthen and activate core muscles

  • SAFE: Innovative design that allows kids to easily and safely move without tipping over. The secure, thermoplastic rubber base prevents the stool from sliding, while also preventing scratches to the floor. The seat cover with undulating, rounded-off edges ensures increased safety and comfort for children while seated
  • DURABLE: 100% recyclable, and constructed with stable and highly scratch-resistant polypropylene, each Hokki stool is made with the highest quality material to make them as safe and durable as possible
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STACKABLE: This lightweight stool has a scalloped edge for secure gripping, making it easy to pick up and transport. Stools are stackable for convenient storage to maximize your space. Ships fully assembled and ready to use


Brand Name
Hokki Stools
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