Use our MyPerfectClassroom® resource to help you design your classroom layout. Create your classroom floor plan, or download one of our suggested classroom layouts. With each one of our suggested design templates, we’ve included a link where you can shop for all of the furniture and supplies that you will need for the classroom layout.

Find the Perfect Classroom Floor Plan for Your Class Size

Need a classroom floor plan and don’t know where to start? Our suggested templates have classroom floor plans broken down by age and size of the classroom. As different age groups have different needs, we’ve broken down our suggested layout templates like this to account for the unique classroom furniture pieces required for younger children. Finding solutions can be especially challenging for children three and under, as their classroom needs change so quickly. Luckily, we’ve done the work, and you’ll see essentials like play furniture and age-appropriate cribs and accessories already accounted for when you shop by layout. For school-age children, we’ve also included a suggested classroom floor plan that can comfortably accommodate up to 24 children.

Beyond providing a classroom floor plan and guide for educators, the benefit to our suggested layouts is that all of the work in figuring out what furniture is needed has already been completed. Just find the template with a classroom layout that works for you, and shop for all of the furniture and supplies that you will need to create your educational space! When you’re ready to complete your order, contact a consultant to request a quote.

Stress-free Preschool Classroom Layouts for Universal Pre-K

With many states and cities around the country adopting universal pre-K curriculums, there is a great need for preschool classroom floor plans with all of the furnishings. We’ve designed suggested preschool classroom layouts with corresponding links to all of the supplies and furniture that you’ll need. At Discount School Supply, our goal is to make your universal pre-K planning and implementation as stress-free as possible! Let us worry about designing your preschool classroom layout, so you can order everything you need and focus on the important part — teaching.

Want to Try Our Classroom Layout Maker?

Our MyPerfectClassroom® 3D room planner is the classroom layout maker of your dreams! If you’re looking to design your own classroom layout, our planner allows you to build, design, and export a 3D rendering of your classroom floor plan. It’s a great way to bring your imagination to life, so you can see exactly how your classroom layout will look.