Consolidate All Orders
consolidate all orders
Each teacher or location can enter their orders online. No more collecting hand written lists or documents.
Manage Order Approvals
manage order approvals
As the approver you can determine the order structure, review, amend, and then easily place your orders. And it’s all combined on one billing account.
Works on All Devices
works on all devices
Approve orders on desktop, tablet or phone.
Manager Your Address Book
manage your address book
Address book allows you to maintain each location's information and route orders easily.
Assign User Roles
assign user roles
Administrators can easily modify staff information, address and email for each user and assign 'Order Placer' and 'Approver' roles.
Multiple Payment Methods
multiple payment options
Choose to pay by credit card or on your account.
view order history
View your entire order history and invoices.