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Sensory Ooze Tube Set

Item # 708299
Learning Advantage
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Capture kids' minds and hearts with these clear tubes filled with pink, green, and blue goopy jelly. Turn them over and watch the jelly swirl and spiral to the bottom of the tubes. Watching the ooze move provides kids with a quiet focus as well as inspires curiosity. Use the ooze tubes to support creative language development as kids work to describe what they're observing, as well as to promote understanding of simple science principles.*3 Ooze Tubes Captivate Kids: The three clear, plastic cylinders filled with pink, green, or blue ooze that swirls and spirals instantly attract kids. Let children self-soothe by watching the ooze, and turn the tubes this way and that to move the liquid more.*Promotes Communication Skills: Observing a fascinating movement of colorful oozing jelly sparks language development in children as they work to express and describe what they see.*Sparks Scientific Curiosity: Studying the oozing movement of jelly prompts scientific curiosity and observation. Place the cylinders on a light table so kids see what happens when they turn the tubes upside down and can study the substance and its movement more closely.Engage kids with the fun of watching goopy jelly swirl and spiral in three cylinders of pink, green, and blue.
3 bottles of ooze * Size: 2" diameter by 4"H each * Colors: 1 each of pink * green * and blue


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Learning Advantage
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