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A Kids Book About™ Mindfulness

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A Kids Book About
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Ages 5+ / Grades K+
Who are you? Are you your thoughts? Are you your feelings? Are you your hairstyle? Is that who you are? Or are you something more? This book doesn't just teach kids how to be present with their thoughts<lt/>hr<gt/>it helps them learn that mindfulness can lead to understanding WHO they are and WHY that matters.

About the Author: Caverly Morgan is the founder of Presence Collective and Peace in Schools, a nonprofit that specializes in teaching mindfulness to teens and teachers alike. She has been practicing mindfulness since 1995 and created the first for credit mindfulness course in public high schools. As an artist and educator, Caverly brings insight, passion, and humor to her transformative work with students. As a teacher and public speaker, she shares the vision of liberation for all with the world at large.

Printed in the USA
Book Size: 8in x 10in
Printed in the USA
96 Pages


Brand Name
A Kids Book About
Age / Grade
Ages 5+ / Grades K+
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