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Character Education Paperback Books for Social Learning

Newmark Learning
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Ages 3+ / Grades PreK+
In this complete book set, an interesting and diverse cast of characters learns about life, social skills, emotions, responsibility and much more, all in engaging lessons meant to assist children in their social emotional development. These books make fantastic additions to any classroom, child care center, nursery school or guidance counselor office as the informative lessons in each book are great for teachable moments, story time, informative lessons or as casual teaching tools. Add them a library, reading center or preschool for an easy to access way to teach about social and emotional responsibility.

The 24 books included in this set are essential tools for any child’s cognitive development, and are great for any child, including those with autism, ADHD or special needs. Each set of 24 books includes four different sets, which focus on a specific theme, and six individual books that teach lessons about ideas regarding that theme. Social and emotional skills are important predictors for success and well-being in every child’s future, and with relatable lessons, high-quality illustrations and engaging stories that don’t use a heavy-handed approach, these books are effective, informational tools.


Brand Name
Newmark Learning
Age / Grade
Ages 3+ / Grades PreK+
Assembly Required
Newmark Learning

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