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Political Globe on Stand - 12"Dia.

Item # GLOBE
From $72.68

Product Overview

A must-have basic teaching tool!
  • This standard globe shows cities, countries, continents, bodies of water and more
  • Contains more than 4,000 place names and distinctive political boundary markings
  • Vibrant colors on a gold-colored base
  • Use to teach children to recognize geographic patterns, features and groupings
  • 12"Dia globe
  • 16"H on stand
  • SEL: Supports social emotional development and social emotional learning.
  • CALM-DOWN TOOLS: Use this in conjunction with other calm-down tools to create a place of peace in your classroom.
PreK-K Core Standards
  • SOC (K) Understands the theme of people, places, and environments involves the study of location, place, and the interactions of people with their surroundings.
  • SOC (K) Understands the study of the past in the story of communities, nations, and the world.

K-3 Core Standards
  • SOC (1) Understands concepts such as: location, direction, distance and scale.
  • SOC (2) Understands cultural patterns and their interactions within and across places, such as migration and settlement, changes in customs or ideas, and in the ways people make a living.
  • SOC (3) Understands that tools such as maps, globes, and geospatial technologies in investigating the relationships among people, places, and environments.