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Children Photo Cards - Discount School Supply

Children Photo Cards

Photo Cards (89) for Children w/Autism
▾ More Details ▾ Help children with autism or Asperger’s learn how to understand and handle the nuances of social interactions and improve oral language skills. SKILL DEVELOPING: This card set is perfect for helping children develop social and communication skills. TOPICS INCLUDE: Meeting and greeting people, personal space, safety and following rules, understanding emotions and more! INCLUDES: 89 photo cards and a resource guide. LARGE SIZING: Each sturdy, full-color photo and text card is 8.5” x 5.5”.
Syllable Photo Cards - 48 Cards
▾ More Details ▾ With the Syllable Photo Cards, children count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words. Each color-coded card has a photograph example of a multi-syllabic noun. On the back, the word is spelled out, segmented by each syllable. A graphic shows the number of syllables for that word. Included are exemplars of the 6 major syllable types: closed, open, vowel team, r-controlled, -le pattern, and silent 'e' pattern. FUN, HANDS-ON LEARNING: Your students will enjoy ...
Really Good Stuff® Emotions and Feelings Photo Cards - Set of 10
▾ More Details ▾ Great for SEL and Learning about Emotions and Facial Expressions MAKES SEL FUN: These fun, brightly colored cards make learning about emotions engaging and exciting! REAL PHOTOS: Real photography of adults and children showing emotions give students a better understanding of how people express emotions. FACIAL EXPRESSION RECOGNITION: Teaches children to look for visual clues and facial expressions to make inferences about emotions. TEACHES EMPATHY: Children develop empathy by understanding ...
EZread™ CVC Make-A-Word Photo Card and Letter Tile Kit - 47 Cards, 73 Letter Tiles
▾ More Details ▾ The EZread™ CVC Make-A-Word Photo Card and Letter Tile Kit features laminated cards with photo cues of CVC words. Great for reading centers, intervention settings, and English Language Learners. Students read the word aloud by looking at the photo and then spell out the word with the tiles on the sound box. Children can turn the card over to self-check their answer. FUN, HANDS-ON LEARNING: Children will enjoy spelling out familiar CVC words by filling ...
Bug X-Rays and Photo Cards - Set of 72
▾ More Details ▾ Kids will really "get into" bugs with these authentic x-rays! Printed on transparent, heavy-duty plastic; excellent for use with light tables 36 piece sets also include bonus card sets featuring 36 4" x 6" full photographic images of each x-ray Extra educational value - children can match the x-rays to the correct photos Activity guides included
English & Spanish PreK Photo Activity Cards - 138 Cards
▾ More Details ▾ Develop language and vocabulary with these full-color 9" x 12" photographs that will spark children’s natural curiosity. The backside of each photo includes resources in Spanish and English including "Things to Do," "Things to Talk About," suggested read-alouds, and a vocabulary list. This bilingual teaching tool is compatible with any curriculum. (138 cards)