an activity for schoolage:
Dress up and party on to celebrate their 100th Day!

before you begin:
Gather materieals for making a 100th Day Mask: masks, glue, foam, glitter glue, gems, eyes, sparkles, etc.

activity goals:
To create a just-for-fun mask celebratig their 100th day of school.

This fun activity lets children get creative as they decorate colorful masks perfect for 100th Day celebrations.

let's get started

step 1
Trace onto foam or construction paper the number 100 and an exclamation point.
step 2
Cut out the numbers and exclamation point.
step 3
Glue the two zeros where the eye-holes of the mask are.
step 4
Glue the numeral 1 and the exclamation point to the beginning and end of the zeros.
step 5
Decorate the mask as desired using glitter glue and collage materials.