an activity for preschoolers:
Create a colorful Earth with fun-to-use Magic Nuudles®!

before you begin:
Gather the following materials: Magic Nuudles®, water, newspaper and masking tape.

activity goals:
To create a model of Earth primarily using recycled and biodegradable materials.

For science lessons exploring the planets, this activity can be modified to use other colors representing different planets.

let's get started

step 1
Make a ball out of newspaper approximately 4" in diameter.
step 2
Wrap the ball with a few strands of masking tape to hold its round shape.
step 3
Separate blue and green Magic Nuudles® from the other colors.
step 4
Moisten the Magic Nuudles® and begin covering the ball with the blue and green pieces to represent the oceans and land.
step 5
Allow the Magic Nuudles® to dry.