an activity for preschoolers:
Enjoy the art of fingerpainting without the mess!

before you begin:
Gather the following materials: green and blue paint, a paper plate and a large clear zippered plastic bag. You may also choose to include white paint for added dimension. .

activity goals:
Create a mess-free Earth-themed paint project perfect for toddlers.

This colorful activity provides the fun of fingerpainting without the mess.

let's get started

step 1
Place a good dollop of green and blue paint onto a paper plate. Optionally, you may also add a small amount of white paint for dimension.
step 2
Insert the paper plate into the clear zippered plastic bag.
step 3
Fingerpaint by pressing down on the plastic bag and pushing the paint along the plate.
step 4
The swirling paint on the plate will resemble the Earth!