an activity for school-age:
A remarkable mobile to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

before you begin:
Gather green and black foam sheets, glue dots or glue, construction paper in rainbow colors, glitter glue and wooden circles to make coins.

activity goals:
To encourage following instructions through a process art project while creating a colorful, fun hanging mobile.

To complete this craft with younger children, you may wish to assist them with tracing the designs to be cut from foam sheets.

let's get started

step 1
Use scissors to cut pieces of the hat from foam and then use glue dots to hold the pieces together.
step 2
Create a rainbow paper chain from construction paper and glue dots.
step 3
Creating a pot of gold by cutting a pot shape from foam sheets and painting wood circles with glitter glue to make gold coins.
step 4
To hang the mobile, punch or poke holes in the foam and tie pieces with yarn or string, or use glue to attach yarn.
step 5
Hang the mobile from a window or ceiling and enjoy.