Character Education Paperback Books - Set of 24 Titles

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Product Overview
These book series helps children build social and emotional intelligence through shared reading of engaging texts that prompt discussions about real-world experiences.
  • Stories are written from the first person perspective and center around a diverse group of relatable children
  • High-quality illustrations and delightful narrators aid in teaching social and emotional skills without a heavy-handed approach
  • Social and emotional intelligence is the set of abilities that allows people to work with others, learn effectively and play important roles in their families and communities
  • Many studies show that IQ (intelligence quotient) is only a minor predictor of success in life, while social and emotional skills are far better predictors of both success and well-being
  • Ideal for use in classrooms, in child care centers and nursery schools, at home with parents, and at school with guidance counselors
  • 4 sets of 6 books in different topics
  • Books are 7-2/3"W x 6-1/2"H each
I Have Feelings - 6 Titles
*My Happy Day
*The Day I Felt Sad
*I Was So Mad
*The Day I Felt Worried
*The Scary Night
*Jealous of Josie

I Believe in Myself - 6 Titles
*I Can Make a Plan
*I am a Star
*I'm Not Giving Up
*Let's Get it Started
*Madison's Questions
*I Will Find a Way

I Get Along With Others - 6 Titles
*It's Better to Share
*It Feels Good to be Kind
*I Show Respect
*It's Only Fair
*I Am Responsible
*Sometimes it's Hard to be Honest

I Am In Control of Myself - 6 Titles
*How I Learned to Listen
*I Can Follow the Rules
*I Can Stay Calm
*I Can Wait
*I Take Turns
*Everybody Cleans Up

PreK-K Core Standards
  • SOC (K) Understands rules and laws can serve to support order and protect individual rights.
  • SOC (P) Cooperate with others by interacting appropriately, build friendships and share.
  • SOC (P) Display age-appropriate independence in making decisions and accomplishing tasks.

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