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These Social-Emotional Learning tools are expert-developed, supplemental products to help children practice and build on important life-long skills. Discount School Supply offers Social-Emotional Learning kits to help little learners gain the skills to regulate their emotions and behavior. With a large variety of hands-on engaging tools, children will have tools and activities that can be used all year-round. Kids will learn skills to manage emotions and feelings, practice mindfulness, cultivate personal identity and development, and explore world culture and diversity.

To be successful in today’s world, students need an education that goes beyond the books. That’s why Discount School Supply now offers social and emotional learning materials that help students build a foundation of key skills to help them be successful in and out of the classroom. We carry an array of social-emotional learning (SEL) materials like learning activities and educational aides for kids that are geared toward helping them learn skills like self-management, social awareness and empathy.

What is Social-Emotional Learning?

Emotion plays a big role in our everyday life. It dictates how we absorb information and react to the world around us. As children, learning to recognize and understand your emotions can be a challenge and until recently, teaching kids about their emotions wasn’t part of a standard curriculum. As more educators get on board with teaching children about social and emotional skills, Discount School Supply is here to help with the social-emotional learning activities and materials you need to build a foundation of emotional and social awareness, setting students up for a lifetime of success.

What are the Five Components of Social-Emotional Learning?

  1. Self-Awareness - This component involves being able to identify and understand your own emotions and how they impact the way you act.
  2. Self-Management - This component involves managing your emotions through various techniques like stress management, organization and more.
  3. Social Awareness - This component involves understanding other people’s perspectives, especially those that aren’t like you. Developing empathy and compassion for others is an important part of social awareness.
  4. Relationship Skills - This component involves developing positive relationships with peers and authority figures. Communication, collaboration and conflict resolution are all important parts of relationship skills.
  5. Decision-Making - This component involves analyzing a situation and choose a positive, responsible reaction or behavior in response. It involves taking safety and consequences into consideration when choosing how to act in a situation.

What are the Three Pillars of Social-Emotional Learning?

  1. Culture - Creating an environment in the classroom or at home where all individuals feel safe, respected and supported helps to encourage kids to engage and grow into a compassionate and emotionally healthy individuals. Positive behavior support helps foster a culture of positivity and inclusiveness.
  2. Competent Models - Children learn by example, which is why it’s important for them to see adults who can effectively manage their own emotions and take responsibility for their own actions. A competent model should also be open to feedback and be someone that the kids want to emulate.
  3. SEL Curriculum - Lessons, games and social-emotional activities are all part of a curriculum that will help provide opportunities for children to practice the five components of social-emotional learning.

Incorporating a social-emotional learning curriculum into your school year will provide children with the skills they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Not only will teaching students to recognize, understand and control their emotions help them achieve academic success, research has shown that impacts extend well beyond the classroom, improving anxiety and behavior issues and leading to greater career achievements later in life.

Help your students succeed now and in the future by shopping for social-emotional learning tools at Discount School Supply. Take advantage of our low prices to stock your classroom or your home learning center.