Fish & Count Fill 'N' Spill - 12 Pieces

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Product Overview
Learning you can reel in!
  • Rod with squeaker handle features self-stick bait that "catches" the 8 included fish that fill the pool
  • Colorful and detailed fabrics invite counting, sorting, matching, color identification, size comparison, storytelling and more
  • Also good for exploration, sensory development and hand-eye coordination
  • Pool measures 8-1/2"Dia.
  • Reel is 12"L
For 12 Months and Up:
*Place all the pieces in the pool and invite the child to dump them out. Then ask the child to place the pieces back inside the pool.
*Help the child identify the different colors of the pieces. Say a color name aloud and guide the child's hand to point to a piece of that color.
*Place the sea-creature pieces felt-side-up in the pool to make them easier to catch, and encourage the child to "go fish" by grasping the worm and sticking it to a sea creature.

For 18 Months and Up:
*Help the child place the shape pieces to match the shapes printed on the bottom of the pool.
*Help the child learn the name of the shapes by saying each one aloud as you point to it on the toy.
*Identify different sea creatures, such as fish, crab, octopus, and turtle. Ask the child to point to them as you name them.

For 24 Months and Up:
*Place the four large pieces on a flat play surface in front of the child. Hand the child one of the smaller pieces and ask the child to pair it with its parent.
*Arrange the pieces in a straight row and help the child count to eight, pointing to the numbered pieces as you go.
*Place the sea-creature pieces felt-side-up in the pool, and encourage the child to use the fishing rod to catch specific fish that you describe.

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