an activity for preschoolers:
Trees are essential to life on Earth. Celebrate them with this fun craft!

before you begin:
This simple activity requires just a few materials: recycled craft rolls, green foam sheets and scissors. You may wish to use collage items or markers to add items to your trees, such as birds, apples or flowers.

activity goals:
To create a tree celebrating Earth Day and the role of plants on Earth.

You may combine each student's trees to create a whole forest in the classroom.

let's get started

step 1
Cut slits about 1-1/2" long on each side of the paper roll.
step 2
Draw a tree shape onto the foam sheet.
step 3
Use scissors to cut the tree shape from the foam sheet.
step 4
Add collage items or use markers to represent birds, apples, flowers, etc
step 5
Stand the paper roll on its end with cut slits upward.
step 6
Slide the foam tree shape into the slits of the paper roll.
step 7
Decorate the trunk or leave it plain to complete your tree.