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Winter Craft Supplies
lower prices on your favorite arts & crafts items
lower prices on your favoritearts & crafts items
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brushing, swirling, smearing and blending

Colorations® makes kid-friendly, non-toxic paint

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brushing, swirling,
smearing and

Colorations® makes kid friendly,
non-toxic paint

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brushing, swirling,
smearing and

Colorations® makes kid friendly,
non-toxic paint

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Fall Crafting Ideas!
The Arts & Crafts Collection at Discount School Supply includes everything you need to encourage creativity and self-expression. Find great prices on crafty kits, handy homeschool activities and lots of colorful, tactile and messy fun.

Start with Paper

Shop a wide selection of construction paper, cardstock, poster board and paper rolls in our collection. Choose white or brown butcher paper for a clean canvas or opt for a vibrant rainbow with single-color and multipacks available.

Add Lots of Color

Find finger paints, watercolors, tempera and other nontoxic paints in our collection, as well as markers, pencils, crayons, chalk and other colorful discount school supplies for arts and crafts projects. Choose from a wide assortment of brushes, foam rollers and other implements, alongside smocks, easels and other accessories, with choices for toddlers to teens including special needs learners.

Go 3D

Add dimension to your arts and crafts projects with our wide array of moldable doughs, beads, pom poms, craft sticks, wiggly eyes, felt, pipe cleaners and more.

Keep It Simple with Kits

Choose all-inclusive kits that make it easy to complete a project in one sitting. Kids from 6 months and older learn about animals, emotions, cultural diversity, the seasons and more with the fun individual and multipack kits in our collection.

Glue It All Together

Stick to the subject with our wide selection of tapes, glues and other adhesives designed for early learners. Find glue in stick, liquid and paste form, self-stick hook-and-loop closures, versatile clear contact covers and other sticky options for pre-K through eighth-grade artists.

Celebrate the Seasons

Make back-to-school time fun, even if you’re homeschooling, with fall crafting supplies from our collection. From colorful foam leaves to paintable bags and aprons to dressed-up pinecones, our collection of discounted school supplies for fall keeps ages 18 months and up engaged.

Find Discount School Supplies for Classrooms & Homeschoolers

At Discount School Supply, we support learning everywhere. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooling parent, a classroom teacher or a family adjusting to distance learning for the first time, you’ll find all the supplies you need plus free resources and a community of support at Discount School Supply.

Chalks and pastels: Chalk and pastels from Discount School Supply will bring vibrant color to your student's artwork. We have egg shaped to dustless chalks, boards and erasers for all your needs.

Craft kits and projects: Need some inspiration? In this section we have kits that already have everything you need to get started on the fun part. So sharpen your pencils and get crafting.

Craft supplies: Time to decorate! Kids will love the colorful adornments they can add to their crafts, such as pom-poms, pipe cleaners, glitters, beads, wiggly eyes, and more.

Crayons: Find a complete assortment of imagination boosting crayons for your little artists. Crayons empower your students to express themselves with their own creations that they can share.

Dough and clay: This section has plenty of supplies to dig into. Find modeling clay and doughs in assorted colors, along with tools to mold, roll, and create sculptures that you and your students can enjoy.

Glue and adhesives: Stick to dependable glues and adhesives. In this section you'll find glues, contact paper, masking tape, fasteners, craft tape, and dispensers. Secure your art with confidence.

Markers: We have bold and bright markers that will last over many uses. Find washable, dry erase, permanent markers, with different tip styles that showcase artistic flare.

Paint: We have beautiful colors to brighten up your projects. Choose from tempera, watercolor, finger, and acrylic paints. Find both sets and bulk quantities to meet classroom size needs.

Paint tools: Keep your classroom or art area tidy! no matter the need Discount School Supply can meet it. In this section, you'll find trays, containers, racks, bins, and other storage solutions.

Paper: To be a canvas to your art projects, we have a large paper selection in different weights and colors. Browse through construction paper, butcher paper, writing paper, and poster boards.

Pencils: are a versatile tool for your classroom that can serve as a writing instrument or a means for artistic self expression. Find what fits your needs here.

Scissors: With our scissors you can guide the students in your classroom on an artful journey bringing crafts to life by adding colorful adornments to their projects.

Stamping: Add defined images like letters, numbers, and different critters to art projects with inks and stamps. Cast your impression with our quality stamps and accessories today!