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Crinkly Sensory Paper, Set of 2

Miniland Educational
Typically ships within 3 to 5 days


Ages Birth & Up / Infant
Unleash the power of sensory play with the engaging Sensory Paper. A sensory delight that will captivate, entertain, and stimulate your little one! Set of 2 soft Sensory Papers, Red Panda and Sea Lion.

  • TOUCH: Experience a world of tactile exploration with the engaging Sensory Paper's variety of textures. From velvety soft fur to smooth, plush surfaces, your sense of touch will be delighted at every interaction.
  • HEARING: Get ready for an auditory adventure! Our engaging Sensory Paper features a crackly-sounding interior that captivates the ears. The gentle crinkling sounds will engage and entertain, making playtime an immersive sensory experience.
  • SIGHT: Feast your eyes on the adorable charm of the engaging Sensory Paper. With its vibrant red coat and expressive eyes, this toy is a visual delight. The captivating design will capture attention and inspire imaginative play.
  • STIMULATION: The engaging Sensory Paper is a multifunctional wonder that promotes the stimulation of touch, hearing, and sight. By combining various textures, crackly sounds, and visually appealing features, it offers a holistic sensory experience that engages and entertains.


Brand Name
Miniland Educational
Age / Grade
Ages Birth & Up / Infant
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