A truly tasty science activity! Comparing tastes is a wonderful way to gather information and do set comparisons, and this activity has children comparing three different kinds of apples. With all the data you collect, one apple will be chosen as the class favorite.

set up ideas
In preparation, be sure to check that none of the children have food allergies or dietary restrictions that would keep them from participating. If so, recreate this activity with another food option.

let's get started

For this activity, you'll need enough apples in three colors to provide a tasting wedge for each child. You'll also need a simple three-section chart along with markers, stickers or stampers to record the data obtained by tasting.

step 1
Prepare a simple chart showing three different types of apples. Using color names can work on a chart if you do not have specific apple pictures available.
step 2
Explain that while they are all still kinds of apples, different varieties have different colors, smells and tastes.
step 3
Cut the apples so there is a taste of each kind for each child. Explain that after they smell and taste the apples, they can decide which one they think tastes the best.
step 4
After taste-testing, have the children make a stamp or tick mark under their favorite apple. Analyze the chart with the children and compare the sets. Determine which apple got the most votes.

Encourage the children to use descriptive words to describe what they are tasting. Words like crunchy, juicy, sweet and tart are often used to describe apples.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
For a more advanced version of this activity, instead of merely noting preferences, you might add categories such as sweetness, crunchiness and juiciness to the chart for children to judge.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Put remaining apples to use by creating apple prints! Slice an apple in half, dip in paint and stamp onto paper for interesting and unique apple stamps.