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Colorations® BioColor® Fluorescent Paint, 16 oz.

Item # FBIO
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Put on your sunglasses! BioColor® gives art a new intensity with fluorescent colors, vibrant hues jump right off the paper! BioColor® by Colorations is an incredible paint. No other paint is this versatile! Creamy, rich paint does not crack or fade, instead remains shiny even when dry. Try Window Art, Foil Art, Resist Art, Blotter Art, Marbling Art, Stampers & Stencils. This paint has no boundries for scientific experimentation and creative expression.

  • VERSATILE UNIQUE PAINT: 9 Fluorescent colors to choose from. Bright bold color, creamy texture spreads easily, won't crack or fade with age, and shines without additives after drying. Choose from blue, green, magenta, orange, pink, red, yellow, purple and turquoise. Most colors glow under black light
  • EASY TO APPLY: Can be applied using fingers, brushes, spatula, scrapers, foam paint rollers .Experiment in so many ways. Watch our videos to explore all the many possibilites this paint provides.
  • ADHERES TO MANY SURFACES: Use to paint paper, cardboard, wood, metal, glass, and plastic, and foil. Try Resist Art, Scratch Art, Marbling, Blotting and more. Try our plastic ornaments to create non blending creations.
  • WINDOW ART: Paint directly onto glass and it will adhere! Create window clings that looks beautiful in the sunlight and can be seen from outside without fading or cracking. Put a cloth underneath where you don't want the paint to go! You can peel it off when you are ready to change it up! Try foil painting too!
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC: AP approved for safety and ASTM-D346 certified for non-toxicity. Formulated and made in USA. Washes off skin easily with soap and water. Does not contain most common allergens. Free from Latex, Dairy & Casein, Egg, Gluten, Peanut & Tree Nut or Soy.

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