an activity for toddlers:
A memorable Valentine’s Day gift that parents will cherish for years to come!

before you begin:
Pre-cut heart shapes out of white construction paper. Older children may be able to cut out their own hearts. If the children are developmentally ready, allow them to do the cutting.

activity goals:
To create a memorable keepsake for parents. To mark children’s hand or foot size. To practice cutting, stamping and fine motor skills.

Since this is a project that many parents may choose to keep over time, you can also have children draw additional pictures on the project, or have the child finger print (or foot print) a large sheet of paper and turn the shapes into Valentine’s drawings.

let's get started

step 1
Cover the bottom of children’s hands or feet in washable paint – or dab onto a washable stamp pad.
step 2
One at a time, carefully make prints in heart shape.
step 3
When dry, mount onto colorful construction paper.
step 4
Add embellishments to add more flair.