an activity for school-age:
Step into summer with a display of fancy footwear!

before you begin:
To create your fabulous footwear, gather the following materials: cardboard, scissors, pipe cleaners, paint and beads. For younger children, teachers may wish to complete step 1 themselves by cutting flip-flop shapes out of cardboard.

activity goals:
To create a decorative summer craft for display in the classroom.

This adorable craft puts children's creativity on display as they decorate their own summer flip-flops.

let's get started

step 1
Using scissors, cut a flip-flop shape out of cardboard.
step 2
Paint, color and decorate the flip-flop with collage materials as desired.
step 3
While the flip-flop is drying, begin making the straps by threading beads onto pipe cleaners.
step 4
Connect one end of each pipe cleaner together by twisting to form the thong portion of the flip-flop.
step 5
Once the cardboard is dry, poke 3 holes in the shape of a V and put the pipe cleaners through.
step 6
Bend the pipe cleaner on the undecorated side of the flip-flop to secure it in place.
step 7
Tape flip-flops to bulletin boards, hallways or around the classroom for a festive reminder of how fun summer can be!