Demonstrate how acts of kindness can link us all together! In this activity, children will contemplate why it's important to be nice to each other. They'll also learn from each other some specific acts of kindness that they can all take part in.

set up ideas:
You may have children cut several strips of construction paper before finding their place in the circle. Each child may choose their favorite color, or they may mix and match their colors.

let's get started

This activity requires very few supplies. You'll just need assorted colors of construction paper, a stapler to adhere the ends of each paper strip and markers to write the acts of kindness that you think of together. Find a comfy place to sit together and begin!

step 1
Seated in a circle, discuss why it's important to do nice things for other people. You may discuss how it can make the giver and receiver of kindness feel good.
step 2
Go around the circle and have each child suggest something kind that they could do for another person.
step 3
Write each suggestion down and create a paper chain by folding each paper strip and stapling their ends together to form links.
step 4
Keep going around the circle until you have a nice, long chain to display!

Being nice to someone helps them feel good, loved and part of their community. We all enjoy that feeling when people are nice to us! Being nice also makes us feel better as we know we've helped improve someone's day in a small way.
Tips and Tricks Tips & Tricks
Allow the children to make multiple suggestions to create a longer chain.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Switch gears and practice math and color recognition by having the children count how many strips of paper there are of each color. Create a graph and learn what the most popular color is on the chain.