an activity for preschoolers:
Use Colorations® No-Drip Foam Paint as a pretend “frosting” for making colorful cupcakes! Great for imaginary play and developing fine motor skills!

before you begin:
Gather Colorations® No-Drip Foam Paint and craft cups.

activity goals:
Explore color mixing
Develop fine motor skills
Enjoy pretend play time.

Use materials such as glitter or sequins as “cupcake sprinkles” to add extra sparkle to these “cupcakes.” Also, don’t throw away the cupcakes. Each one can be used to create a marbled paint picture!

let's get started

step 1
Separate craft cups.
step 2
Spray a layer of Colorations® No-Drip Foam Paint into craft cups.
step 3
Spray a different color of foam paint into a plastic baggie and seal. Cut off one corner of the baggie.
step 4
Just like real “frosting,” squeeze the foam paint out of the end of the plastic bag and onto the “cupcake” to make a layer of “frosting.”