an activity for preschoolers:
Cool off with this cool craft!

before you begin:
To create these colorful popsicles you'll need construction paper, jumbo craft sticks and any collage materials desired, such as poms, glitter glue and gems.

activity goals:
To make imaginative giant popsicles perfect for summer celebrations!

For an extra special popsicle, use two different colored pieces of construction paper!

let's get started

step 1
Cut two popsicle shapes roughly 9" long out of any color construction paper. To make a stronger popsicle, you may cut two pieces of cardboard in the same shape and color.
step 2
Glue the two pieces together with the craft stick in-between and poking out of the bottom.
step 3
Decorate the popsicle using paint, glitter glue and any collage materials desired. You may decorate both sides of the popsicle, or just one side.