Helping children learn to count and compare is always a more concrete learning experience when the content is relevant to the children's lives. This activity uses children’s families to aid and encourage practice with counting.

set up ideas:
Having counting cubes in a variety of colors will add an extra creative component to this activity, as the children can determine which color each person is represented by.

let's get started

For this fun family-themed activity, you'll need to gather connecting cubes, crayons and paper for each child. Allow the children time to make their drawings but be sure to have plenty of time for counting and using the cubes.

step 1
Supply materials and have each child draw a picture of their family or of all the individuals living in their home with them. They may include their mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.
step 2
Have each child count the number of family members they have drawn. They may write this number down to refer back to.
step 3
Have the children gather the connecting cubes needed and connect a cube to the chain for each family member.
step 4
Have each child count the cubes out loud to verify that the number of cubes matches the number of family members drawn.
This activity provides a chance for children to share a little about their personal lives with one another, while discussing numbers and counting. Some topics to discuss include how many people live at their home, how many siblings they have and how many aunts and uncles they have.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Counting cubes are great because they link together to form a single unit, just like a family. However, if you don't have counting cubes available, any number of counters or art supplies such as pom-poms could be used.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Have children think of other things that they can count with their cubes, such as the number of days in a week, the number of months in a year, etc.