an activity for school-age:
During Halloween, even plain old boxes come to life as spooky characters!

before you begin:
Bring these creatures to life by gathering a shoe box, construction paper, paint and a wide variety of collage materials to create unique and spooky creatures.

activity goals:
To cultivate creativity and imagination with a unique holiday craft.

Feed these creepy creatures as you go trick-or-treating!

let's get started

step 1
Create a mouth by cutting a "U" shape from just below the shoebox opening.
step 2
Cover the shoebox with paint, collage, paper or any other materials and allow to dry completely.
step 3
Cut teeth out of white construction paper and add to the top and bottom of the opening of the shoebox.
step 4
Add pom-poms to the opening of the box like lips.
step 5
Create giant eyes by cutting out pieces of construction paper and gluing to the top flap of the box.
step 6
Continue to decorate your monster box using glitter glue, buttons and any other materials desired.
step 7
You can prop open your box by adding a craft stick to the inside of the box with tape so that the top flap of the box sticks up above the bottom of the box.