This board will become a perfect display of the beauty that we can all create together.

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Create a string of connected paper dolls representing different cultures and unique physical qualities such as skin tone.

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Create a beautiful collection of self-inspired artworks!

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Fashionable wear for a classroom fiesta for all ages!

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Demonstrate worldwide unity!

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Explore an exciting new landscape!

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Discover the unique art of Indian mandalas!

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Cultural Activities Guides for Classrooms

Our free classroom cultural diversity activities guides are designed to help children learn about, understand and celebrate different cultures around the world. Use materials as inexpensive as sheets of paper, paper plates and crayons to help young children make paper plate faces and multicultural paper dolls.

Free Cultural Diversity Crafts Projects

Young children can cut out shapes of hands, color hands in different colors and shades, and paste their cultural diversity crafts onto paper plates for a suggested “We are the World” crafts project. Our learning-about-cultures crafts ideas for display are based on crafts that are easily attached to classroom display boards.

See our free bulletin board creative crafts activity for young children. Let children participate in groups to create multicultural handprints from construction paper that can be affixed to existing bulletin boards.

Free Cultural Diversity Arts Projects

Kids as young as 2 years old will have fun with our Indian Mandala classroom art project. Our free cultural diversity arts project guide shows you how children can create Indian Mandala designs on paper plates with the use of stick-on felt and nontoxic glue.

Kids learn about social interaction and creative expression when they create cultural diversity-centered arts projects at school and at home. Children develop self-esteem when they complete projects and see their art displayed.

Also consider our inexpensively priced cultural diversity toys and learning supplies that promote cultural diversity. We have cultural diversity puzzles and books, multicultural dolls and play sets, and dramatic play supplies.

Buy cultural diversity posters and children’s simple musical instruments from around the world. We have multicultural pretend people figures by Colorations. Children as young as 3 years old can engage in dramatic play with these durable multicultural dolls designed to promote multicultural awareness.