an activity for preschoolers:
Making your own snow people with our eco-friendly rolls - fun and easy.

before you begin:
To save time, you can paint the craft rolls ahead of time and let them dry.

activity goals:
Develop fine motor skills
Exercise creativity

Children can also decorate their snow people with collage materials as desired. Children can also make other eight-legged creatures, like octopuses and crab during the summer!

let's get started

step 1
Paint the outside of each craft roll with black BioColor® paint. Allow to dry.
step 2
Apply wiggly eyes, felt nose, and ribbon for a scarf.
step 3
Use pipe cleaners and pom-poms for earmuffs.
step 4
Mix wGlue cotton to base and add opal flakes.
step 5
Have fun with your Snow People!