Pictures in a book are great, but recreating stories yourself is even better! This activity supports engineering thinking along with comprehension skills as children use the materials available to recreate settings from their favorite stories.

set up ideas:
This activity may be performed using large blocks for a life-sized setting or using small blocks and figures for a miniature reenactment of the story.

let's get started

For this activity, you'll need a fairy tale story with a distinct setting, such as the bridge in Three Billy Goats Gruff or the houses of Three Little Pigs. You'll need to gather blocks and any other materials needed to create the settings.

step 1
Tell or read the fairytale story that you have chosen for the activity. Be sure to emphasize the setting of the story to the children.
step 2
Brainstorm with the children on which the parts of the story setting they would like to recreate. For a story such as the Three Little Pigs, you may wish to choose just one part of the setting.
step 3
Have the children construct the setting using blocks and any other materials available.
step 4
Retell the story using the scenery created by the children.

Even though children are building a physical barrier in this activity, it will be helpful to draw a connection with children wearing sunscreen for protection from the sun. Discuss how while sun exposure is so good for our minds and bodies, too much can harm our skin and make us overheat.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
The gravel is useful because this activity works better when there is some type of ventilation underneath the animal. You may also poke holes in the bottom of the cup and place them on a raised, breathable surface.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Discuss which materials and designs seemed to work best to shelter the animals and create a large-scale version that can house all of the children's animals.