Noisemakers? Check. Snacks? Check. Fun? You bet! Children can hold everything they need for their 4th of July celebration in these personalized backpacks. This activity gives children the opportunity to flex their creative muscles while decorating a functional object.

set up ideas:
Get creative with the decorative materials used in this activity. Buttons, pins, sparkly pipe cleaners, gems, fabric scraps and wiggly eyes are all fair game.

let's get started

This activity is pretty freeform, so don't be afraid to get creative with the designs and materials you choose to use. At the very least, you will need to gather a backpack for each child, as well as paint, paintbrushes and any decorating materials that you wish to use.

step 1
Practice planning by having the children think about the design, colors and materials that they want to use. You may even have them sketch their designs before beginning.
step 2
Have each child get the paints and brushes needed, and then paint the backpack with the design of their choice.
step 3
Allow the backpacks to dry fully before moving on. You may wish to wait until the next day to continue.
step 4
Once the backpacks are completely dry, add any decorating materials that you like. Let glue and paint dry completely before wearing your backpack.

You may discuss planning in two ways with this activity. One, the children may plan their design before painting. Two, packing a backpack involves planning for an activity, whether it is for a day of school or a picnic. Ask the children if they are planning to celebrate Independence Day.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
You'll need to have a space prepared to allow the backpacks to dry once you are done painting and decorating. You'll also want cleaning supplies on hand, as things could get messy.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
On a warm (but not too hot) day, take your backpacks out for a picnic! Store all of the snacks and supplies needed in the backpacks. You may wish to make and bring noisemakers as well!