The light, fluffy texture of cotton balls is perfect for creating cute little ghosts! This activity is great for fine motor skills practice, and it allows room for children to express their creativity by personalizing their ghosts.

set up ideas:
There's no reason your ghosts all have to be one color. Encourage expressiveness by providing a variety of colored craft fluffs.

let's get started

These ghastly ghosts are a breeze to make! All you'll need are sheets of white and black construction paper, craft fluffs, glue, scissors and yarn for hanging. Prepare a space to hang the finished ghost and watch them float along.

step 1
Cut a sheet of construction paper into the shape of a ghost. Your ghost may have a simple flat bottom and rounded top, or a more complex design.
step 2
Glue white craft fluffs all across the cut sheet of construction paper to fill out your fluffy ghost.
step 3
Cut eye and mouth shapes out of black construction paper and glue them onto the craft fluffs.
step 4
Use scissors or a hole punch to add a hole to the top of the ghost, and then loop some yarn through and tie it off for hanging.

Discuss the soft texture of the cotton balls as children place them onto their ghosts. You may contrast this with the coarser texture of the construction paper. Ghosts are often described as airy and weightless, similar to the cotton balls.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Waiting to cut the black construction paper after gluing the cotton fluffs on will give them a moment to dry before gluing more materials on top of them.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
On a board, draw an image of a large house. Then, add these ghostly apparitions all over to make it a haunted house. Spooky!