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Water Bottle Holder

Item # 166091
Really Good Stuff®
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Give Students A Handy, Out-Of-The-Way Place To Store Their Water Bottles

Keep students’ water bottles conveniently stowed away and off their desktops. This sturdy foam holder is patented and keeps your students’ water bottles on-hand and yet stowed conveniently off their desktop.
  • Unique Design: This holder is patented, and cleverly designed to attach securely to the leg of student desks or tables.
  • Decreases Class Time Distractions: With their water bottle close at hand, students don’t have to ask permission to get out of their seat for a drink of water.
  • Minimizes Spills: The holder positions water bottles upright. That means no loose-top bottles spilling water onto or inside of desks, or onto the floor.
  • Safe and Unobtrusive: The holders’ foam construction eliminates the possibility of being scratched or poked by hard or jagged edges. Position it out-of-the-way underneath working surfaces. Finally, we offer the answer to distracting requests for a drink of water, interruptions due to water bottle spills, and water bottles using up working space.
  • This component is optimized for a 1” diameter chair leg but may fit slightly larger or smaller.

  • 1 sturdy foam water bottle holder
    • Size: 5¼"W x 6"D x 4"H
      • Holds bottles up to 3" diameter


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
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